Privacy Policy

Sellecomm is committed to protect your privacy Sellecomm collects the minimum amount of information from your side and that information collected is commensurate with delivering fully satisfactory services to you. Our privacy policy shows the type of processes that can result in the data being gathered about you. The use of our website by anyone gives us the right to gather that information.

Information Collected

Sellecomm may gather any or all sorts of information that you, in particular, give us depending on the kind of transaction you entered into with your name, telephone number, address, email address, etc. along with the data related to the use of our site. Other crucial information that may be required from time to time in order to process the request can also be gathered as stated on the site.

Information Use

We make use of information gathered mainly to process several tasks for which you have visited the site. The Data collected from your end is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We better take care of all the reasonable precautions to prevent any sort of unauthorised access to that information. In particular, this safeguard can require a user to give additional information to verify your identity if you wish to gain access to that information like your account details.


The internet or web files stored on your browser (with built-in functionality) in order to access the information or cookies so that the website can easily recognize your account, we make use of this facility to better enhance the user experience. You can also prevent your PC from further accepting the cookies but, in case you do then certain functionalities on our website may get impaired.

Disclosing Information

Sellecomm will not disclose any of your personal information collected about you on our website to any of the 3rd party unless and until permitted by you to us for the same in terms of clicking/ticking in the relevant boxes in completion or registration forms. We may also make use of the given information to keep you informed about certain developments linked with us. You can also remove yourself from the mailing list or just similar devices. If at any point of time in the near future we wish to disclose any of your information gathered on this site to the 3rd parties then it would only be under your knowledge & consent. From time to time we provide information of general nature to any third party like the number of persons visiting the site or completing the registration form, however, we are not going to use any information which could breach the identity of those individuals. Along with this, Dummy may work with the 3rd parties for giving the targeted behavioural ads to Dummy websites. With the use of cookies, just anonymous information in relation to your use of our site or other websites will be utilized to give you more relevant ads about your interests of Goods & services.

Changes to our Policy

Fore update about any changes to the Privacy Policy of Sellecomm will be placed in this section & supersede the current version of the policy. With reasonable steps, we will draw attention to this changed section in our privacy policy. For the best possible user experience and to be on the safer side, it is better to read this whole document every time you make use of our website.

Contacting Us

For further questions regarding the Privacy Policy, or to know more about the type of information Sellecomm have collected from you, you can mail us or contact us through the contact form. You can also send suggestions if necessary.